Find Missing Person Spells

To aid in the search for lost or missing individuals

Fertility Spells

To boost chances of conception or a successful pregnancy.

Career Spells

To enhance professional growth and job opportunities.

Luck Spells

To increase good fortune and luck in various aspects of life.

Friendship Spells

To strengthen bonds and attract new friends.

Beauty Spells

To enhance physical attractiveness or inner beauty.

Longevity Spells

To promote health and longevity.

Success Spells

To achieve goals and find success in endeavors.

Protection Spells

To ward off negative energies or potential harm.

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Dr. Simba practices his spell casting in light, this is because light creates light and darkness creates darkness. Dr. Simba uses light because clients need/want light to be shade on where they have come from ( PAST ), shade on where they are( PRESENT), and also shade on where they are headed (THE FUTURE).

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