Muti Baganda Healing

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Muti Buganda healing
What is Muti Baganda Healing?
The word MUTI in Africa and central Uganda region specifically means tree, and Baganda is the biggest tribe in Uganda, we used and still using different trees which I use to cast in our black magic to be able to solve problems for our people within and the people outside because this magic has good Natural Divine powers which has no harm to both the persons who desires to use it or the person who is being casted on except a few people who use it to kill, but this magic is for healing and solving problems, Muti was confirmed as a powerful healing remedy after being tested on many people that it was able to heal their diseases and many other worldly problems by my ancestors. I Dr. Honey Love mastered the art of using the Muti Baganda Healing .
spells IN buganda
A special room at my temple that only the chosen enter to put forth their hardships to the elders. This has been evident in all around the world. In movies always showing us a secret room where the billionaires enter to consult the magical spirits, and some are in their houses. But what I am talking about is almost similar but kind of different. This is a special room where all that concern the muti baganda magic is carried out. Though you may not get chance to enter this divine room, let me convey your message and trust me all shall be okay.Muti baganda healing
Buganda Kabaka spells
Great Grand Father Kaka Sulaiman
He’s the one of my most powerful ancestors (Jaja) who has ever lived on the face of earth whose spirit was summoned into the sculpture in form of wood with honey, feathers. In the first place, wood is interpreted as a tree plant. It is considered a material that is changeable. Feathers represent a spiritual connection to fly and get freedom.Muti baganda healing
Therefore, as to the above Jaja has the powers to change any situation and can connect one’s soul spiritually to attain freedom. The power possessed by this Jaja are so enormous that can change someone’s life. Are you struggling with life? Do you want to change your Life? The Muti Jaja can change your situation. Jaja is taken as a Muti herb that the following can be done;Muti baganda healing
Heal a broken heart by bring back lost love. Binding a disorganized love, improving on welfare, Dr. Honey Love (I) use it to provide protection to anyone who refers his problem, it has powers to stop or cause divorce, it has natural divine powers that guide one’s ideas in business that they make right ideas that can boost the business
Local spells
The Spiritual Reed Basket
The spiritual reed basket was weaved by my great grandparents, from a variety of fibrous or pliable Muti herbs that included; pine straw, willow, oak, wisteria, forsythia, vines, stems, animal hair, hide, grasses, thread, and fine wooden splints. The practical usage of a reed basket is for sorting variety of things through tossing (move from side to side, up to down or back and forth). The reed basket at times is called the toss gambling piece meaning one tosses looking for the highest probability of retaining what they want and then blow off what they don’t want, It was used by grands and great grandparents as a spiritual Muti herb. Its tossing, sorting, and blowing off ability is as exactly related to its spiritual powers. The ancient reed basket has powers to toss or move certain situation or status to another. The spiritual basket has the powers that can reject bad things or negative energies and retain what is good. It has enormous capacities for protection against any danger. It also protects in gamblers or betting players that they don’t wager on false options, Are you looking for a positive change in your life? The reed basket has powers to do it. The following are what its powers can be used to do; Remove bad curses, provide protection from bad energies, it has the powers to bring back lost lover, creates good luck in businesses, increases chances of getting money, it has the powers that guide on selecting the right person among the many for marriage.
International spells
Muti Baganda Calabash.
A magic calabash is one of the long used items in the baganda traditions. Wines and spirits are put into the calabash and blessed by the elders {traditional healer/Dr Honey love}. Once you are bond to the calabash, you are protected by the bells on it, they ring in your head warning you about enemies and bad magic cast upon you. Receive, accumulate, and grow financially. Protect your business and attract more customers when I cast spells on your behalf. All that you engage whether marriage, tender bidding, gambling will run as you wish because the powers of the baganda healing calabash will be with you.
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Muti Baganda Smoking Pipe

It has so many benefits which range from physical to spiritual illnesses that the white collar machines can’t diagnose and among these benefits are:Muti baganda healing
Bring back lost lover, leaves from the tobacco plant are dried properly in a shelter and mixed with the hide of a porcupine with sacred herbs which is smoked in a special pipe to summon the spirits of their lost lovers to come back to them and it’s still used in Uganda plus other regions and world over to bring back lost lovers.
The smoking pipe was and also used to catch thieves which is smoked by Dr. Honey Love with a very strong Muti herb which would get even the people around dizzy, and the thief would bring himself forward and it has no boundaries because it goes beyond, ancestors deliver the spell.
The pipe was also used for protection and only the head of the family would smoke the pipe and the smoke would travel in all corners of the world to protect the people who the spells were intended for and only those people would be protected because their loved ones wish the best for them.
Many more problems were solved using the pipe, getting children, stopping partners from cheating, blessing businesses, stopping from alcohol abuse, infidelity, anger issues, commitment to marriages, attracting lovers and customers, money provision, among the so many benefits.

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